Welcome to the last page of Johnson & Sir.

Yes, I’m sad to say this, but Johnson & Sir is now concluded. Before I get into the “why,” I would like to say first:

Thank you so, SO much for reading this webcomic! I hope you enjoyed all the silliness to be had with Johnson, Sir, and all their comrades. I had a great time drawing them.

So, why am I ending this webcomic?

Well, there’s a lot of new, REALLY exciting projects in the works I can’t wait to share with you. Plus I’ve been getting a lot more work in comics-making and illustrating.

Also, I’ve been hard at work making a new webcomic, Seeing Him, which I co-created with Kia Crawford as the writer. Of course I’m still making Validation, too, with Christian Beranek. Plus, in October, there will be new stuff forย Charlie & Clow!

With all of that said, it was about time that Johnson & Sir would come to an end, to make way for new projects and new stories.

I love Johnson & Sir! I hope you do, too. This webcomic will always hold a special place in my pun-loving heart.

But… this isn’t completely the end for Johnson & Sir.

There will always be books, prints, and other convention swag available on Storenvy.

Plus, there are FINALLY T-shirts available with your favorite designs (like the T-Rex Sissy Fight!) over on Society6.

And coming soon, there’ll be a special bonus feature you can only get on Gumroad. When it’s ready, I’ll make an update over on my blog….

Speaking of which, for all future comics news, plus anything Johnson & Sir-related, the blog will be the #1 place to go. Be sure to check back, because I update it Tuesday through Friday.

What were some of your favorite Johnson & Sir moments? I would love to read about them in the comments below, and certainly other readers will, too.

Thank you SO much for reading Johnson & Sir.

You. Are. Awesome.


**UPDATE 9/14/15: Johnson & Sir is now on KickStarter to fund the book! Please check it out.