When does “Johnson & Sir” update?

The comic is completely finished! You can read the whole thing online (start here if you want to do that), or pledge to get a book with remastered art and bonus content.

What inspired you to make this comic?

The story behind this comic can be read here.

Why are Johnson and Sir elves?

Many reasons:

  1. Elves, in my opinion, are always portrayed as serious, linguistically convoluted, classy, cool, and composed individuals (Thanks, Lord of the Rings movies). My hope is that with “Johnson & Sir” I can not add to the stereotype. Johnson and Sir (but especially Johnson) are sarcastic, blunt, and just as human as…well, humans.
  2. This story happens in Fantasyville. Anything fantasy-related or sci-fi-related can happen here. So, elves.
  3. Dude, ELVES.