I’m getting ready for Phoenix Comicon next month with Christian Beranek. We’re sharing a table this year, which is exciting!

Phoenix Comicon is June 5th through the 8th this year. If you can make it, please do!

In other news, there’s going to be some new merch at my store, especially with some extra stock of the most popular print EVER:


Also! For Phoenix Comicon, I’m planning on making Johnson & Sir’s first book! There will be bonus stuff in the book, including sketches and never-before-read pages. Neat!

With all of that said, I need some help printing this book. That’s where YOU come in, if you’re up to the task. If you’re an artist, a webcomicker, supplier, etc, you can buy ad space in the back of the book! I have one full page and two half-page options. If you’re interested, email me at kelcidcrawford@gmail.com. Please email be before May 9th (this Friday).

If you don’t want to buy ad space but want to support anyhow, consider either buying from my store or asking me for a commission. I have four slots left open. Patricia, I’m working on yours.

Come back next week for more Johnson & Sir! I’m also hoping to post more stuff on the Facebook page, so keep an eye open.

Thanks for reading!