In a stunning turn of events, [insert punchline about how I cannot create snappy titles].

I don’t get why Ackles is such a prude. Catching a streak sounds like a GREAT idea for a date! (…I’m a weirdo).

P.S. Christian Beranek and I will be at Phoenix Comicon (June 5 – 8), and we have the Validation Comic-Con Special on pre-order. Link to pre-order is here.

P.P.S. Due to shenanigans and gremlins, the first book of Johnson & Sir will not be printed for Phoenix Comicon. I am very sad about this 🙁 Hopefully it’ll be printed before my next con. By then, the gremlins will be adequately punished.

P.P.P.S. To make up for lack of book for Phoenix Comicon, I’ll be making a new print for Johnson & Sir. It should be up on Storenvy next week, and I’ll have plenty available for the con. Horray!